Hog Roast For 100 In Sunderland

We were in near our hometown mid week catering for a village party. The first we have ever done here and we were, as always, keen to impress. We arrived at the village hall and chatted to the caretaker and he showed us where to set up our hog roast Sunderland.

One hundred guests were expected and we were asked to bring with us what we thought they would like and that wasn’t hard at all. We knew they would like pork and brought a nice pig and we were of course going to make some crackling too, which we knew would impress. Roasted potatoes were also put onto cook and an assortment of salads coleslaws and dips were made too, through experience we know what guests like and are often asked if we can help out with the menu and always happy to oblige.

When the guests arrived they were quite taken back at the display of food we had created as we always go way beyond what is expected and put on a feast fit for a king! We began to serve and had the most amazing compliments by all they were saying that they had never tasted food like this before and asking if it was possible to cook like this at home? We said yes if they had one of our amazing machines and our machines must take credit for what we do, the pork was so moist and juicy and the crackling crispy and amazing as always.

We left a pile of menus on the tables and the guests were eager to pick them up and chat to us, we get a lot of our work from people at events and word of mouth speaks volumes. Everybody had a great evening and especially enjoyed the hog roast Sunderland. Our cracking as always was a big hit, as it usually is. When we were clearing away they asked if we could make this a regular thing each year and we said yes!