Engagement Party With Hog Roast Burradon!

At Hog Roast Burradon we are so passionate about what we offer and what we do on a day to day basis. Many ask ‘Are you not sick of cooking pigs’ and the answer is NO! Every event is completely different and we are continuously meeting new people which makes our job even better! We were recently contacted by a lovely newly engaged couple Rebecca and Josh who asked us to cater at their engagement party. They had so many friends and family coming, and many generations in the family! A hog roast is a traditional cooking method that will guarantee to impress everyone. Rebecca and Josh were very keen on selecting a specific menu that they knew would suit everyone so opted to have a choice of meat available, both pork and chicken for the guests to choose from. And of course our veggie skewers for the vegetarian guests!

The engagement party was to be held at a familiar venue for us so the set up was very easy and before we knew it we were prepping our salads while the guests were arriving. Our machines are very diverse, so much so that were cooking our pork and chicken at the same time, still maintaining their individual amazing flavours! We had to make sure we had plenty enough of each meat for all of the guests as its very unlikely that we have a 50/50 split on the meat choice! Even though Rebecca was looking forward to a Hog Roast Burradon roll and Josh couldn’t wait for some spit roast chicken! It’s usually rare and many guests do like to try a little bit of both too!

With our colourful salads out on display and our meat perfectly cooked we signalled that the buffet was open and the guests headed over to grab their fresh rolls and wraps ready to fill full of tender tasty meat! All of the guests had plenty of food and were left very full, some even had room for seconds! (Josh being one of them, he couldn’t resist having one of each in the end). With some fantastic feedback for Hog Roast Burradon as we were leaving it was a job well done, happy guests, happy hosts and happy chefs!