Desserts vs. Wedding cake – Trust Hog Roast Aycliffe

A trend over recent years with weddings done by Hog Roast Aycliffe is the wedding cake being served as the dessert. Considering that most wedding cakes look and taste spectacular, unfortunately most go to waste. Having to cut the cake up is always a hurdle on the wedding day for most as someone gets volunteered to sort it out unless it’s made of cupcakes! With this in mind, Hog Roast Aycliffe has included cutting the wedding cake within its wedding menu’s. Now this could simply be cutting the wedding cake up and serving into napkins or onto wooden boards for guests to help themselves to or on the other hand, Hog Roast Aycliffe can serve it onto plates to tables. When serving it to tables, the plate is dressed with raspberry coulis and fresh berries such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to accompany the cake, and pouring cream is also served as an option. By doing this, if they decide they would like their wedding cake as the dessert it becomes so much more than a slab of cake on a plate.

The benefit of having the wedding cake as the dessert is that everyone gets to have a taste and it therefore does not go to waste. However, by including it in the wedding breakfast means that the evening guests do not get to see the wonderfully designed cake and they also miss out on getting to try some. Another downside to having the wedding cake as the dessert is that you and your guests miss out on Hog Roast Aycliffe’s carefully hand-crafted and indulgent dessert list.

hog roast AycliffeHog Roast Aycliffe’s desserts are phenomenal. For example, the profiteroles are served as tower on a biscuit base with drizzles of white chocolate and it’s put together with milk chocolate swirls. The vacherin of strawberries is another head turner pudding with fresh strawberries mixed into whipped and mascarpone cream filled into a light and fluffy meringue with drizzles of strawberry and chocolate sauces. The individual cheesecakes are to die for! With a fluffy and creamy filling on a light and crunchy base, there are a range of favours to decide from, inducing chocolate orange – yum!

One of Hog Roast Aycliffe’s wedding menu’s includes desserts and serving of the wedding cake to tables, so if you really cannot decide you can enjoy both!