Hog Roast Whickham – Wedding Bells Chimed On New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve and weddings are two occasions that share a plethora of similarities. From the enchanting atmosphere to the joyous celebration of new beginnings, it’s no wonder that many couples choose to tie the knot on this magical day.

Olivia and Ben, a charming local couple, embraced this sentiment and hosted a dazzling wedding celebration at an upscale hotel nearby. What made their day even more unforgettable? Why, the unmistakable touch of Hog Roast Whickham’s catering services, of course!

Hog Roast WhickhamFor Olivia and Ben, choosing to marry on New Year’s Eve was a decision rooted in practicality and sentiment. With everyone already in holiday mode and the allure of a fresh start in the air, it felt like the perfect way to start their life together as a married couple. And so, the stage was set for a night of love, laughter, and fantastic food.

Jarrod, our dedicated catering manager, worked closely with the couple to curate a menu that reflected their tastes and desires. Taking the time to thoroughly discuss options and answer all their questions, Jarrod ensured the couple felt heard and at ease in the weeks leading up to their big day.

The chosen menu, our Wedding Menu 2 with an evening buffet, showcased the culinary expertise of Hog Roast Whickham. The canape selection boasted gourmet sausage, mini fish and chips, roasted halloumi and tomato crostini, mini quiche, and mini pizzas – a drool-worthy start to the celebration.

The main course offered a delightful array of choices, from a succulent hog roast with stuffing, crackling, and applesauce to spit-roasted lamb with Yorkshire puddings and mint sauce, and even BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls adorned with coleslaw for non-meat-eating guests. Side salads, coleslaw, and buttered new potatoes enhanced the flavour profile, while sticky toffee pudding and chocolate torte desserts concluded the feast on a sweet note.

As the evening progressed, guests were treated to an open bar and live music performances in the party hall. The countdown to midnight was met with anticipation, and just in time, Hog Roast Whickham reappeared to delight guests with a second feast – hot bacon and sausage rolls with a selection of sauces, ensuring everyone had the energy to dance the night away.

Olivia and Ben’s New Year’s Eve wedding, adorned with the culinary brilliance of Hog Roast Whickham, became a celebration that transcended all expectations; what better start to a beautiful marriage!