Hog Roast Durham Celebrated The Start Of Hogtober With A Fun-Filled Garden Party

For hog roast lovers the world over, the month of October (A.K.A. Hogtober) is the perfect time to invite family and friends round for a mouth-watering feast of succulent meats and delicious side dishes, and knowing that Hog Roast Durham are second to none when it comes to offering a professional service at an affordable cost, Julia got in touch with our customer service team to talk about her plans for the gettogether she had in mind. After selecting our classic hog roast menu which has become a firm favourite among our returning clients since it features a whole, slow roasted pig with an array of side options, soft floured gluten-free rolls and crockery, Julia felt relaxed with the knowledge that everything was being taken care of on her behalf and so she turned her focus to sending out invites to the 80 guests which included family members, friends and neighbours.

Hog Roast DurhamBefore long, the day of the party had arrived and aiming to meet the 4 pm serving time, the Hog Roast Durham crew arrived at Julia’s home in the late morning to begin preparations for the afternoon’s menu by pitching the catering gazebo and allowing the pig, free-range chickens, gourmet sausages and BBQ 100% beef handmade burgers to slowly sizzle away in our Hog Master Pro until the guests arrived. Despite what our name might suggest, meat isn’t the only thing we have on offer and proving that our talented chefs can turn their hats to anything, the team prepared our highly popular handmade grilled vegetable skewers with optionable haloumi for vegetarians and vegans in attendance which went down a storm – even the meat-eaters couldn’t get enough!

We’re delighted to share that Julia’s Hogtober garden party was a huge hit with the guests who couldn’t get enough of the tantalising food that the Hog Roast Durham team had created, with many of them returning to the buffet table to fill their plates with second and third helpings of succulent meats and moreish side dishes which they turned into an opportunity to create unique and delicious flavour combinations by using the freshly-made rolls on offer.