We should have gone by boat !

What a day we had on Saturday the incredible amount of rain we have had in this neck of the woods doesn’t stop us roasting our pigs here at Spitting Pig North East but gosh Saturday was tricky. It all started so well with a bright morning as we set off to Warkworth the gateway to the moors, the scenery was breathtaking as we headed towards on the moors road, a right turn and more great countryside on through to todays destination. It was a wedding in a lovely Georgian Manor House. With everything set up on site and the Hog roasting really nicely the rain started and keep coming and getting heavier and heavier over the 7 hours we were on site we must have had a full 2 inches of the wet stuff.

Happily it didn’t affect our hog roast Warkworth clients and their guests as they were housed in the Manor and a super heated wedding marquee, the serve went really well and everyone enjoyed the food ‘immensely’ as one guest told me. A great aspect of the service we offer is that after the food service we melt away leaving the customer with no mess to clear and to just to concentrate on enjoying the rest of their night. The drive back through the country roads in Warkworth and over the moors was interesting to say the least, the roads were more like small rivers and progress was slow often driving through 6 inches to a foot of water, then the fog descended and we crawled back over the moors and the journey back took a very long time indeed. All in a days work for a hog roasting crew!