Hog Roasting for a Wedding

Spitting Pig North East has been supplying the North East with delicious hog roast for many years now and has slowly become popular in the community. Our delightful hog roasts have been dazzling events and will continue to for years to come. Being part of Spitting Pig North East is such a privilege since we have provided delighted customers with our amazing hog roasts.

We had a recent event in which we has a sit down meal consisting of Canapés, Main and Desserts for a lovely couple who wanted us to cater for their Wedding and we wasn’t about to disappoint. We set up early so we could set up our marquees, tables, chairs, napkins, cutlery, glasses and our serving station also not forgetting beginning to roast our hog and spit roast the lamb. We had arranged to be ready for serving a little after the wedding service and once most of the Canapés have been polished off.

Everything was set and the hog and spring lamb was roasting away very nicely. The Wedding service finished and a delightful couple came out smiling from ear to ear. Then they were astonished at what was before them, a Lamb on a Spit slowly roasting as well as a Pig right beside it. They were also greeted with our waiters handing out Canapés, to their pleasure. One by one they slowly toke their seat with their eyes confixed on the two big lumps of meat slowly roasting and looking absolutely divine.

Once both the meats were done our expert chefs began to carve into the pig and lamb unleashing a flurry of smells that toke over the atmosphere providing the lovely guests. We quickly served out the food to the patiently waiting guests, who were amazed at how well it was presented it all was. After all the guests polished off their marvelous feast and the plates were all cleared away, we commenced with Dessert. Profiteroles and Cheesecake was their choices of the day and it was enjoyed by all.

We plated up the rest of the food which was left over from theMain since the Canapés and Dessert was all eaten. We were widely praised by all and were welcome back to do another event for them any time. We are pleased that we made the couples day extra special and provided them a day to remember as have they us.