Hog roast Middleton-On-Leven

Last Saturday saw us heading to Middleton-On-Leven for a beautiful hog roast . We had already been earlier in the week to check out the site, and the satnav got us there no problem (although Middleton-On Leven is actually an isolated road of houses deep in the countryside rather than a village which we’d expected). When we went for the actual event on Saturday however, the satnav decided to take us through an entirely different route Beforethrough farmyards, tiny roads and field tracks! The hog was rattling around in the van so much we were surprised it was still in the oven by the time we got to the venue! We did get there well in time though and set up in beautiful sunshine. It was a 60th birthday , in the customer’s stunning back garden, with marquee and gazebos, and a cellist providing background music whilst guests arrived. Everyone seemed to enjoy the hog and after many returns for seconds we packed up some lovely leftover joints to leave with the host. We made our exit just as the disco music started, and prior to the chaps at the party settling down to watch the England match on a big projector they’d set up for the event. It was a lovely party and thankfully still daylight as we left – and the satnav took us home from Middleton-On-Leven via the sensible route!!