Hog Roast Whickham

Hog Roast WhickhamIf you are seeking a local catering company with the mobile event catering expertise to put on an impressive spread for your guests, the Hog Roast Whickham team are confident that we will be able hit your brief and your budget, whatever the occasion.

We have become the number one hog roast caterers in the Whickham area of Gateshead by combining an ancient cooking technique with advanced catering equipment in order to deliver mouth-watering results every time. The perfect crowd pleaser for any occasion, our hog roasts are suitable for events of all sizes. Because we always cook our hogs onsite, your guests will be treated to the added bonus of watching their food being prepared right in front of them, adding a touch of theatre and enhancing the ambience of the event.

Our sociable and attentive team always give it our all to provide everyone who tries our food with a great dining experience and conscientious service. Even if we are catering for a big crowd, everyone will receive a generous portion of hot, freshly made food, served by our friendly and efficient catering assistants. Hog Roast Whickham can provide timely food service for any occasion, and we will always stick to your schedule.

Whickham’s Most Experienced Hog Roast Caterers

Hog Roast WhickhamOur free-range pork, which is roasted slowly for several hours until it is dripping with succulence and falling off the bone, makes an eye-catching focal point for any meal. Our signature dish can be accompanied by a range of other dishes, depending on the style of menu you have chosen and the variety of food you required for your guests. We can supply a second meat choice, vegetarian dishes, food that is free from dairy and gluten, and an exciting array of different flavour sensations across our assortment of side dishes, salads, and more formal 3-course meals.

Our experienced event planners will design the ideal menu for your event and our catering team will ensure that every detail is just how you want it to be. We are happy to offer you a free quote for the catering for your event or chat about any of our menu options in more detail, so please give us a call today to speak to a member of the Hog Roast Whickham team.