Hog Roast Barnard Castle

barnard castleBarnard Castle is known by many as a market town still to this day and is home to many popular attractions, including the Bowes Museum, which houses a collection of art. The town is named after Barnard Castle, a medieval monument that was founded by Bernard I de Balliol. A Grade 1 listed building, Barnard Castle is the town’s most prominent attraction. Affectionately nicknamed “Barney” by locals, the town of Barney Castle consists of cobbled streets and is the epitome of elegance. Its stunning 16th and 17th century architecture and rich history make it a popular destination for special events.

As one of the most historically important towns in Britain, Barnard Castle is the perfect destination for those wishing to hold a special event such as a wedding especially if you are wanting something extra special for your big day!

With stunning architectural attractions such as the Bowes Museum and the castle, Barnard Castle town is a popular location for this type of event. The town’s buildings offer a beautiful backdrop for photographs. Barnard Castle offers the perfect location for those wishing to make an event more memorable and there is no better way to enjoy the town’s rich history than with a hog roast. Hog roast Barnard Castle is the perfect way to make your event, whether formal or informal, much more enjoyable. Whether you are planning a get together with family and friends or a sit down meal for a wedding, a hog roast hire Barnard Castle will provide everything you need to give your guests a meal to remember.

The Best Hog Roasts In Barnard Castle


Hog roasting is fast becoming a popular choice for special events. Hog roast hire Barnard Castle will not only provide you and your guests with good food but will also enable you to save money. Hog roasting offers affordable catering and will provide your guests with fresh, delicious meat throughout your event. Not only this, but you can also be provided with a selection of side dishes to add plenty of variety to your hog roast meal.

Hog Roast Barnard Castle is the perfect solution for those that not only wish to celebrate their event but also the town’s history. You can enjoy the town’s fascinating architecture whilst tucking into a delicious hog roast meal. A hog roast provides plenty of versatility, which means that you do not need to worry about it not being suitable for the type of event that you are planning. For an informal event, you can have hog roast on rolls with tasty accompaniments such as apple sauce or salad. For more special events, you can opt for a gourmet hog roast meal with all the trimmings.

Another advantage of opting for a hog roast is that there are catering packages to suit your needs. Hog roast hire Barnard Castle enables you to be provided with a service that will cater for all your guests. Hog roasting offers a very quick service, as there is plenty to feed a large amount of guests. Your guests can help themselves whenever they wish and will never go hungry. It is the perfect choice for those planning an event with a large number of guests.

Renting a hog roast machine is much more affordable than buying your own, which is why you should consider opting for this service for your Barnard Castle event. Barnard Castle is known for its live events and festivals, which take place all year round and there is no better way to enjoy these events than with a hog roast. Fresh, delicious meat and a selection of tasty side dishes are sure to make any music festival or any other type of Barnard Castle event much more memorable.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Hog Roast Barnard CastleHog roasting is ideal for those wishing to add something a little different to their event. Whilst cold buffets are a popular choice for events such as parties and weddings, hog roasts are fast becoming a much more appealing choice. A hog roast provides a hearty meal which, when combined with a location like Barnard Castle which is steeped in history, will make any event truly special.

A hog roast provides a dining experience that is much more memorable than other types of catering. You and your guests can watch as the hog slowly roasts, which is perfect for events that are being held on a cold autumn or winter evening. A hog roast is the perfect accompaniment to an autumn festival or a winter wedding.

Whatever type of Barnard Castle event you are planning, a hog roast will provide you with everything you need to ensure that you and your guests have a day to remember.